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Tips for growing potatoes
The potato has declined in production in Germany, but still an interesting culture, can be achieved without the use of chemical means a lot.

It plays the first seed treatment (pretreatment of the starting material) plays a major role. Since most source material is available, that's not 100% healthy, it should not be a dive. When diving or a soft-can be transmitted very quickly despite treatment agent attached bacteria or spores. Here is a spray treatment is reasonable.
Depending on weather conditions, it is stronger or weaker effects. The strongest effects are observed, if the gestation of the potato in a rather dry years occur. It is important when working with natural products, this is not a "flash in the pan" to apply, but continuously. It should be on the same area, regardless what kind of fruit is grown, will continue using this method (recommended at least 3 years) so that the soil biology is rebuilding.
The pretreatment should be performed with Agro Stimuline ® + ™ or Lignohumat Humisol. Also, pretreatment with Chitoplant has proven to be useful. It makes sense to use a wetting agent based on starch, to enhance the adhesion to the seed potatoes. The services offered by us or wetting agents Radopin Cover Crop 1000 are in the seed treatment, the injection procedure as effective as in the leaf treatment.

  1. In series circuit (all plants have leaves formed), a treatment recommended by humic acids.
  2. At the beginning of flowering should be applied agro Stimuline ® combined with humic acids.
  3. In tuber should further treatment be combined with humic acids with Agro Stimuline ®.

All the treatments recommended for better adhesion sheet, a wetting agent attached.
Effects of treatment by administration of Agro Stimuline ® + humic acids a more even distribution Knoll (less under-and oversize-sizes.) By using Lignohumat ™ caused less "shell space" when followed by a dry period, a rainy period, as so often in recent years. Through the use of humic acids are a gedrungenerer structure of the herb as well as better nutrient digestion is achieved. The addition of natural green of the potato beetle is blocked, it is becoming a lesser mildew and we have recorded much higher growth in earnings.
In case of late blight that comes through the treatment with Agro Stimuline ® + humic acids into play later. Rhizoctonia solani can not as wet years can be significantly reduced through the use of agro Stimuline Lignohumat ™ + ®.

Recommendations in the garden or the private sector:
  1. Knoll treatment with a solution of 1 ml Agro Stimuline Lignohumat ™ ® + 5g + 50 ml to 10 liters of water wetting agent. The tubers should be sprayed with this solution so that a film training is given to the entire seed potato.
  2. In series wound spray treatment with 2 g Lignohumat ™ AM + 50 ml Radopin to 10 liters of water and 100 ml + 50 ml Humisol Radopin to 10 liters of water. This solution was added 0.3% natural green reduces the "infested with Colorado potato beetle and mildew.
  3. At the beginning of flowering spray treatment with 1 ml Agro Stimuline ® + 2 g + 50 ml Lignohumat ™ AM Radopin to 10 liters of water and 100 ml + 50 ml Humisol Radopin to 10 liters of water.
    Here too, an addition increased from 0.3% natural green the defense mechanisms of plants and also increases the yield.
  4. At the start of tuber development spraying with 100 ml + 50 ml Humisol Radopin to 10 liters of water.

If after flowering very wet weather prevails and the risk of late blight, we recommend a further injection of Agro Stimuline ® in the specified in section 3 dose. A fertilizer with Condit ® 5, 100 - 200 g / m² increase the harvest rate and the addition of health.

Application in the commercial cultivation:
  1. Dressing the seeds with 10 ml Agro Stimuline ® + ™ Lignohumat 500 g / t of seed. The prepared solution should be about 30 liters. This solution should be added as a bonding agent 300 ml Radopin.
    In bringing forward of the seed, this treatment can be repeated just before application. In this second treatment, the addition of Lignohumat ™ are reduced to 100 g or be replaced by 3 l Humisol.
  2. In series circuit should be sprayed with 120 g Lignohumat ™ / ha. In the case of arable soils with low numbers of under 20 - max. 30 should be Lignohumat ™ at only 90 g / ha sprayed. Alternatively, come Humisol with 2 l / ha is used. Two solutions should be 0.5 - 1 l Radopin be added.
    An additional allowance of 0.5 - 1 kg of natural green has a positive reinforcing effect on the yield increase and the prevention of pests and mildew.
  3. Should at the beginning of flowering with 7-10 ml Agro Stimuline ® (in well fertilized soils Agro Stimuline ® 15 ml) + 120 g Lignohumat ™ (also to reduce in light soils) and 0.5 kg natural green to be injected. Alternatively, in turn, can be used in place of Lignohumat with 2 l Humisol. Two solutions should be 0.5 - 1 l Radopin be added.
  4.  Knoll at training another injection of 2 l + 0.5 l Humisol Radopin makes sense. If wet weather is prevalent, an addition of 10 ml Agro Stimuline ® useful for the stabilization of plant diseases.

If neither manure nor manure are available or will be working near or in water catchment areas, the use of Condit ® 5 is recommended as a full-fledged organic slow release fertilizer. It should be used for initial application of 1 t / ha. Depending on which is grown culture in the following year, can then with 0.5 - 1 t / ha and year to continue working. As Condit ® 5 "lives", can be calculated by the subsequent delivery of bacterial nitrogen level at a higher yield than indicated by the fertilizer. With continuous use of Lignohumat ™, or Humisol Biol ife ® can also work with reduced doses. The effect of building an organic-mineral nutrient base can be (as Nitro-Fix) reinforced by additional application of microorganisms. Depending on the application of additional fertilizer, other variants of Condit ® in combination or come solo used.

The applications are for a purely biologically targeted cultivation. When using the products in the traditional farming can lower levels, as indicated above, the use of chemical agents can be reduced with better grades and higher long-term returns. For questions and we stand by them with pleasure.


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