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Control of snails and insects
Slugs are the biggest plague since the Spanish slug was introduced. Unfortunately, she has such a high degree of proliferation that restrict predators hardly your stock. There seems to only run the duck to make an exception.
Snails can only be fought systematically. What is important here again the soil structure. On a loose well drained soil, the feel good on the surface dries, it is not good.
Here, much can be achieved with a soil loosening (see info page mdr "simply brilliant"). Important for a good structure to work with fine minerals as well as with organic material. Our soils have lost at the surface of the structure. Instead of rotting run mainly from fermentation processes. These are loved by the worm.
As the change of the soil naturally takes time, here are some resources to isolate the worm infestation. CACOA used as mulch material resists, in dry or changeable weather records from the snails because of the scratchy surface for them. In a scent barrier to the surrounding plants is created. With constant renewal of the mulch builds up gradually an airy surface, which means that there are fewer eggs are laid.
Another natural resource is neem (neem). scattered in the form of press cake, he also sells worm, even in wet weather. It also helps to control soil insects and simultaneously revitalize the plants.
Another good way is ENVIRepel. Once the agent is sprayed crops in the form of the garlic fragrance are camouflaged against their tormentors. However, this should be done repeatedly and in wet weather even more. Do not worry, the garlic smell will remain for us only briefly smelled and tasted the fruits and not after. Snails and insects avoid of such treated plants, and even birds can be deceived (eg injected Fruchtabreife of cherries).
Neem (Neem) can deploy to insects also excellent injected in the form of neem oil. Noteworthy is also that just as successful in humans and animals against pests such as mosquitoes and ticks can be inserted.
It is a little softer with homeopathy. Biplantol contra X2 or X2 Contra forte of the professional segment sells even the most stubborn pests, such as the mealybug. Even in the flowering sedentary pests can be controlled without loss of flowers (even with orchids). In addition, the agent reinforces the plants.
Even an ultra fine mist with natural green (calcium carbonate) distributes malware, in addition to fertilizing and nourishing effect on plants. Even mildew occurs with such kind of treatment to less.
Most agents do not act only on one side, but mostly still bring more positive interactions. That's the big difference to chemical plant protection, which brings not just the effect, unfortunately, fighting side-effects in the form of residues and stress factors in plants and their environment with them. In addition to the resources listed usually help home remedies. However, as mentioned elsewhere, should never be a means alone application are maintained so as to support the complex nature.


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