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Fungi, bacteria and fight viruses naturally
Fungi are ubiquitous in nature. Normally there is a natural balance. Where is recorded to find the fungi in the predominant size in the acidic environment, ie in acidic soils on the human or animal organisms, based on overly acidic.
Therefore is a natural fungus control always accompanied by a de-acidification. In highly developed organisms, this means a more alkaline diet. This is also guaranteed only, based on plant foods, according to supplied soil. A plant or fruit, which is generally regarded as basic, can grown on an acid soil also develop more acid.
Therefore, a setting of the soil or the substrate is vital. This is possible with a consistent supply of organic soil and the supply of natural minerals. Both these factors together into a good loose structure and a pH value that is conducive to plant growth. In most soils in Europe, this is a value between 5.8 to 6.5. On sandy soils in part, ranging from a lower value. From about the pH value of 5.8 connect antagonists of fungi in action and beyond nutrient at lower or higher pH values for the plant set unavailable.
The strengthening effect humus rich soil e.g. is known. Included in it are humic acids, amino acids, enzymes, plant hormone constituents fine minerals and more. Thus helps the application of products containing these ingredients, crucial not only improve the absorption of nutrients in combating fungal diseases.
Conventional methods for pH-regulation, such as limestone, usually lead only to short-term success. Lime is indeed a higher pH, the implementation of the lime but humus is consumed in most soils is not sufficiently available. In addition, lime leads to compaction of soil, liming if too often to be carried out. With a distinction between useful Erhaltungskalkung every 3-4 years and annual liming, for example, to remove moss (What does the rest no lasting success!). Most commercial fertilizers are mineral based and thus act usually equally draining humus.
However that is contrary to contribute, you may read about (topic mdr broadcast "simply brilliant").
Mushrooms you can find the consistent soil improvement work as well with gifts of humic and fulvic acids, as Lignohumat ™ (spray treatments) counter. Moreover, in addition (also for animal and human) together with proven home remedies for fungus, bacteria and virus and extracts such as liver Moser, homeopathy as Biplantol ® mycosis II or mycoses V forte, sodium carbonate (powdery mildew fright), or the like in exchange or in combination for the prevention and recovery are used. Also neem (neem) is a good way in that direction. Besides the known effect against pests antibacterial and its components also act against viruses. After helping Prof. Bergmann e.g. and zinc for rust diseases. In the family ® ife Biol There is therefore a product with zinc content for preventative spraying.
Should always be taken care not to plant on one side only, but the large number of components in the soil with the application of at least two or three products or home remedies (eg herbal extracts) empathize. It can also be applied to less concentration on the individual product in this case, as normal practice, which still leads the way for cost savings. It is important to begin in the spring with these measures - for most plants in the so-called mouse-ear stage and not only when infestation.
What few may know, is that many nutritional problems are the symptoms of fungal diseases similar. Caused these symptoms are often due to too little oxygen in the soil, such as in the spring when water logging.
Compared to conventional pesticides, these natural resources on or biological basis is not cost intensive. But they have a distinct advantage - there are no waiting periods. You can harvest your fruits without hesitation and immediately consume.
All these funds have also another charming advantage: they fertilize, revitalize and / or contribute to harmful insects and even snails, such as Niem, or ENVIR ® epel (garlic concentrate).
Just try it.


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